Kitchen Designs For The Heart Of The Home

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The art of kitchen design is intricately linked to how you will use the space. The old saying, form follows function, has a lot of truth to it. Design is not only about how things look, but how things are used. And while most of us no doubt start our dreams of a new design for our kitchen with visions of a specific look in mind, space planning is equally important.

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, even if it’s rarely ever used for proper cooking, it’s almost always the gathering spot where couples, families and roommates come together for both the briefest and deepest of conversations. And many activities take place there besides cooking.

You may routinely linger with a cup of coffee and the morning newspaper, or feed your family breakfast before they dash out the door. Your children may like to do their homework while you cook in the evenings, or perhaps you and your spouse share cooking duties.

Maybe you regularly host large gatherings, or cook for intimate dinner parties. All these various activities will affect your kitchen design, and it is important to consider them as you plan.

You will also want to ponder storage space as you plot your design. Do you routinely have trouble finding space for all your pots and pans? Is there enough room for every family member to sit around the nook?

These space-use issues and any other problems you have with your current kitchen design should be noted. Talk to each member of the family and see what their concerns about using space are.

The kitchen and bathroom should be designed with the future in mind so that quality of components is top of the list. You do not want to be doing either of these projects within 10 years of the first one. A good design should last 25 years.

While we love even the most simple and rustic of kitchens, today we’ve rounded up a host of ultramodern spaces that are light years ahead of their time. Harkening to the days yet to come of voice-activated cooking devices and meals ready to eat the moment we walk in the door, these luxurious modern rooms just might be giving us a glimpse at the future of home cooking.

Setting finish-outs, cabinet choices and color palettes aside, as long as these amazing modern kitchens equipped to make coffee and grilled cheese sandwiches, they’re all just fine by us.

Purple Kitchen Tops

I think this is a first for me. I have never seen purple kitchen surfaces before, anywhere…

Purple Kitchen Tops

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Crisp Modern Kitchen by Fancy Cribs

Crisp modern kitchen


Futuristic Island Kitchen by Pininfarina

It certainly looks the part and built by the famous car builder Pininfarina. Considering this kitchen design was built around 2012, it would still look great in any modern kitchen todat in 2020.

futuristic kitchen island


Glossy Cream Colored Kitchen by Biaggi Cucina

cream colored kitchen


High Contrast Kitchen by Amy Finley

illuminated kitchen island

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Luxe Modern Kitchen by Brandon Barre

diva kitchen


Modern Orange Kitchen from Euromobil Cucine

orange kitchens


Modern Solaro Walnut Kitchen by Schiffini

modern walnut kitchen


Modern Wood Kitchen from Euromobil Cucine

modern wood cabinetry


Paperstone Kitchen by Alessio Bassan

modern stone kitchen

Cream colored kitchen found at Biaggi Cucina.

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