It was fun compiling these cool magazine racks in putting together today’s article.  In my house catalogs build up and seem to arrive in the mail each day.  So where do these get placed after they are read?  That can be a huge problem with trying to organize a home.  There has to be foundational pieces to help be successful in removing clutter and keeping a tidy look.  That is why these pieces are so great.  They are arty, clever and fun and yet serve such a valuable purpose.

cool magazine racks for home organization

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Now a wall mounted example like this one can work great near an entry way or an office.  This could also be used for books or even manuals in the event that references need to be kept handy.

V Shaped home catalog storage in beige

This sturdy model features a neutral beige color.  You can see that the V-shape can hold lots of paper and do so in an efficient manner.

modern sofa with matching accent table

This combination accent table is a wonderful piece and pairs nicely next to the modern sofa.  What great style in the slender wood legs and abstract like shape.  This is certainly a departure from normal right angles and is a breath of fresh air in the room.

sliding magazine rack under table top

How clever is this that you can cover this up with the table top!  When you think about organization not seeing things is important so that a room has the right balance in furnishings.

small wooden storage crate for a home

do it yourself home accent table

This looks a lot like a DIY constructed example.  It strikes me as having an industrial theme to it with the metal hardware being very obvious in the design.

combination storage and accent table in white

In this picture I like the coffee cup and glass as it gives me an idea of size and portrays a realistic use.  Remote controls would fit nicely in there as well and now in this age, there are often two to three of them to control various devices.

metal magazine storage in living room

wall mounted storage rack in metal

wall hanging clutter remover for a home