One of the most iconic chairs in the history of design is the The Eames Lounge Chair aka the  Eames Lounge (670) and Ottoman (671). Designed by  Charles and Ray Eames for the Herman Miller furniture company, the chair redefined the quintessential chair and highlighted how form and function are not mutually exclusive. Below we are listing chairs which seek to reinterpret the classic  but don’t come close to the original.

10 Cool And Quirky Versions Of The Iconic Eames Lounge Chair

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The Xlounge aka Obese Eames by Mark Wentzel


The Xlounge aka Obese Eames By Mark Wentzel

The Lobster by  Lund & Paarmann


The Lobster Chair by Lund & Paarmann

Stacking Hommage Plastic Eames Seat by  Dirk Winkel

Stacking Hommage

Mini Eames Lounger by Little Nest

Mini Eames


Eames Inspired Sting Ray by Thomas Pederson

Eames Inspired Sting Ray Chair by Thomas Pederson

Eames Inspired Coosh Lounger

Eames Inspired Coosh Chair

Craft Version Of The Eames 


Craft Version Of The Eames Chair

The Wowo Pet Lounger by  Vurv Design

 Wowo Pet Lounger by  Vurv Design

The Godfather Lounger by Skate Study House

Godfather Lounge Chair by Skate Study House
The EAMES LOUNGER by Robert Guyser

The EAMES LOUNGE CHAIR by Robert Guyser