Ever have one of those moments where you fully realize the power of technology as it affects your daily life and think to yourself, “This is the future!”? Well, if so, you’re about to have another one, and if not, you’re about to have your first.

It seems Electrolux has been doing its part to keep it green — both literally and figuratively — by experimenting with energy-efficient alternatives for kitchen appliances, including a gel refrigerator that doesn’t require traditional energy to keep its food items cool.

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Instead, this “bio robot” fridge uses a gel with dense enough surface tension to create a pod of sorts for each food item, keeping it separate from the next without transferring smells or letting them touch.  When items are removed, the gel doesn’t follow nor, ostensibly, leave a residue, despite its appearance.

Able to stand vertically or horizontally, the fridge would be only one-fourth the size of its more traditional contemporaries, and its biopolymer gel would also include a luminescence feature for added visual impact. When or if this fridge will ever truly become a reality is anyone’s guess, but if we can get past the ‘green slime’ factor, we have to admit it’s a pretty cool idea in terms of energy efficiency.

Now: who’s hungry?

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Electrolux Gel Refrigerator

Electrolux Gel Refrigerator


Electrolux Gel Refrigerator

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Photo credits: Electrolux