Orbital Floor Lamp

Even the best interior décor flops without great lighting.  Proper light will showcase your careful design and add touches of attitude like a piece of unique jewelry.  Bring a bit of mid-century chic into that empty corner or gloomy room.

With the Orbital floor lamp, any space will instantly feel brighter, lighter, and a lot more stylish.  Designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Foscarini, the Orbital floor lamp has the whimsical, retro feel of a throwback nostalgic piece.

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Orbital Floor Lamp by Foscarini

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The fun, mod shapes of silk-screen printed glass look like an abstract sculpture even when the lights are turned off.  When illuminated, the room will glow with a soft, diffused light from behind either frosted white or rainbow-colored glass plates.

Each of the five different shapes of the Orbital floor lamp by Foscarini are mounted on a steel tripod base that is lacquered in white or left in polished chrome to complement the color of plates.


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The Orbital floor lamp by Foscarini is a modern sculptural addition to any home, and fits right in with modern or even contemporary design because of its abstract shape.  The retro styling gives contrast and nostalgia to a contemporary home.

Its economical size and verticality make the Orbital perfect for small spaces.  You’ll bring plenty of light without using horizontal floor space, so you’ll have more room for your lifestyle.  With style like this, even turning on the lights can be a little work of art in your room. What boring corner will the Orbital floor lamp brighten up in your home?