Cube Shower Column
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Bringing you ‘hotel-like’ luxury within the very confines of your home, the Cube Shower Column is a futuristic product from reputed brand Dezign Market. Contemporary in its form and High-Tech in its functionality, this marvel of a creation will make your bathroom the go-to room for relaxation. It will turn the room into a beautiful spa.

Cube Shower Column by Dezign Market

Luxury shower column by Dezign Market

Linear geometry, clean crisp lines, and minimalist aesthetics make the Cube Shower Column by Dezign Market blend flawlessly with your bathroom décor. It becomes an instant focal point and creates an amazing bathing experience. The unit is packed with stunning features which make it all the more desirable. Cube boasts three superlative features: an easy to handle hand shower, three body jets, and a unique head shower. It is ideal for both large and small bathrooms as it takes up the least amount of space. It is very efficient in small, compact spaces. Cube Shower Column by Dezign Market is quite uncomplicated and easy to use. It is an easily comprehensible, new age gadget. It bedecks bathroom spaces effortlessly and is sure to add a dash of elegance in the air.

Cube Shower Column by Dezign Market

If you want to flush out your stress and revitalize yourself, get the Cube Shower Column by Dezign Market. Its soft water that gushes out smoothly will leave you feeling reinvigorated and re-energized. In fact, don’t be surprised if you spend more time than you expected to in the bathroom.

Are you looking forward to taking a shower with the Cube Shower Column?