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Stunning Indoor Water Feature Designs

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Sometimes you have to think outside the box to create a unique space in your house. Instead of going with the latest trends and most stylish of accents, why not add a feature to your home that’s personal, inspiring and something that will always make your feel comfortable and relaxed?

Inserting some watery additions into your home will certainly make for a much more Zen, welcoming and surprising ethos. It will also transform a dull, simple area into a more lively and refreshing space.

From small ponds to fountains, let’s have a look at 10 exquisite indoor water feature ideas and photos that not only go well with any style theme but also any family’s personality.

contemporary water features

A stand-alone tub in your home is a luxury to a lot of families. But a tub with this kind of contemporary style sitting next to your own makeshift waterfall and pond is an entirely different experience.

Yes, the Asian-inspiration is prevalent but so is the rest and relaxation you’ll get as you sit inside your warm, bubbled bath as you enjoy the soft sounds of a trickling, sparkling pond in the corner of the room. Topped with accented lily-pads and floating candles, you’ll be tempting to dip your toes in there too!

cool water features

Watch out or your guests may start making wishes and throwing in coins if you have something similar placed inside your foyer. This culturally inspired and worldly indoor foundation has such an organic and crisp ethos, it’ll fit inside the more modern or most eclectically designed homes.

This particular piece fits nicely underneath the staircase, making a spacious area much more warm and inviting than if left bare.

free standing water features

A lighted, enclosed idea is something that could really bring about a unique spin on your classic home. In your spacious foyer or even used as a room partition, this beautiful piece is artistic and built for a home that screams contemporary style and has a true love for aesthetics.

It also provides a unique texture while staying very calm, subdued and harmonious inside simple and relaxed foundations.

glass wall water features

Very similar to its predecessor, this idea takes three enclosed pieces and turns them into wall art. Make sure if you’re using something of this magnitude that your ceilings are high and your room is spacious, but other than that this too will provide wonderful, yet subdued textures and a peaceful quality to a home with crisp lines and a relaxed vision. Watery features will always add a calmness but these structures also add a gorgeous artistic quality.

indoor water feature ideas

Give your flooring an entirely new look with lights that create a “scene.” Cover your foyer with lily-pad lighting for a unique, modern and incredibly surprising accent to your ultra modern home.

It’ll act as living art in your tropically-inspired home and provide impressive detailing and artistic presence in a home that may be deemed cold and unwelcoming without.

And pay close attention to the chandelier structure as well, complimenting the flooring from the ceiling. This entire room is like a artist’s dream come alive.

home water features

Carve out a nook or cranny of your home and create an oasis for yourself and the family to enjoy. Your reading nook can be so much more inspiring and relaxing with the addition of some bubbly rocks.

These pieces are seen mostly outside, but if you’re creative enough, you an install them inside for a very zen scene and surprising pop when anyone happens upon them. Brighten them up with spotlights so they shine at night and enjoy them on a daily basis for an evening yoga session or morning newspaper read.

indoor water features

Here’s a beautiful example on how to style and place a feature inside your home when you don’t have as much space to work with as you see in the magazines. Nestled under the staircase, your guests will come through the front store and be hit with an incredibly warm and inviting scene.

The trickle of the water, the soft, blue-hues from the lights at night, they’ll be walking into a personal oasis that’s meant to spring off an welcoming spirit and homey vibe, even if your home is spread with a sleeker finish.

inside water features

We love this illusive, almost magical model built under this industrial staircase. There’s a very organic feel to this feature which works well in this home made with a contemporary rustic vision. The rock accent wall only enhances the mystical nature of this piece and we’re loving all the possibilities surrounding this addition. It’s a great spot to have your guests enjoy a cocktail as they wait for dinner to be served during one of your weekend parties. It’s  great spot to lounge and enjoy a good book. It’ll be a treasured spot for the family, just make sure with pieces as such, you don’t have your littlest angels unaccompanied.

modern water features

Here’s a much more traditionally styled, enclosed indoor feature that acts as a beautiful room partition in between this home’s dining room and kitchen area.

Surrounding by a brick force, this piece, again, has an artistic, yet organic quality loved by a more traditional home. It adds uniqueness and hominess without overcoming the space with too much quirky or cold feelings. It also blends right into the neutral foundation while still acting as the focal piece for the entire space.

residential water features

One of the more unique and daring indoor water feature ideas of the bunch, this sitting pond, topped by a glass bridge walkway, is such an incredible way to decorate your foyer.

Surprise your guests and create a luxurious, vacation-esque approach to styling your home. When creating a personal space, you don’t need to follow the typical, one-dimensional interior design rules, instead, if you feel like bringing a bit of the great outdoors to your indoors, use this idea to inspire your addition.