Water Falls Ideas For Home and Outdoor

With indoor or outdoor waterfalls and water features Harmonic Environments has a collection that will enhance any residential or commercial setting with nature’s most soothing element.

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The Harmonic Environments collection includes two sided glass panels, natural stone, stainless steel, etched glass, and copper tastefully combined or simple to create any size one or three-dimensional waterfalls or outdoor fountains.

Their design team has tackled some challenging project and recently did 10 custom waterfalls at the new 11,500-square-foot Mandara Spa at Atlantis, Paradise Island, The Bahamas. Of course LED lighting for dramatic effects, and company logos can be added for professional applications.

Imagination and the sky is the limit. Here are a few of the waterfalls and fountains that caught my eye.

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Stunning Corner Indoor Waterfall

Waterfalls Ideas

Full Length Indoor Waterfall

Waterfalls Ideas

Mixed Color Refreshing Indoor Waterfall

Harmonic Environments Indoor Waterfalls

Copper Plate Outdoor Waterfall

Waterfalls Ideas

Indoor Glass Waterfall

Waterfalls Ideas

Showroom Glass Full Length Waterfall

Harmonic Environments

Triple Glass Waterfall in Blue Sea Colors

Harmonic Environments

Office Place Waterfall

Harmonic Environments

An Indoor Idea

Homedics Relaxation Indoor Tabletop Fountain 

  • Decorative Tabletop Fountain: Showcase EnviraScape’s Silver Springs Relaxation Fountain on Display to bring a calming, Zen feel to any room; It is just the right size to add a Decorative accent to any Tabletop, bathroom sink, and vanity or Office desk.
  • It Features a 3 tiered Waterfall, natural stones, and a Large basin; The tiers create several streams of Water, creating a Gentle Soothing sound of Water; The Water flow replicates the sights and sounds of a tranquil spring.
  • Convenient Automatic PUMP & ON/OFF SWITCH: The Illuminated Water Fountain was Designed with a quiet built in submersible pump; Simply fill the basin to the Water fill line and enjoy the Soothing effects of this Fountain.
  • The pump circulates the Water, keeping it clean and Free of algae build up; Unlike other Fountains, Homedics Relaxation Fountain has an on/off switch; Plug the Power cord into an outlet and turn Your Fountain on; When you want to shut it off, just flip the switch.
  • Innovative Artistic Design: This Asian inspired Fountain Features 3 tiered leaves that water streams down; Its extra deep, open styled basin allows for the serene Sounds of cascading Waters to fill Your Home.
  • They designed it with a Unique Lighting feature that creates a Soft reflection of the natural flow of Fresh running Water; The illuminating glow creates a romantic ambiance; Add the natural river rocks to any of the 3 tiers, or into the basin.
  • De Stress After A Hard Day: Homedics Tabletop Fountain can be used to de stress and unwind after a hard day; Turn on this Zen Fountain before BedTime and drift off to Sleep as you listen to its Sounds of a Peaceful running stream.
  • Put it in Your baby’s nursery so they can enjoy its Sounds of a gentle brook and its soft glow as a nightlight; Use it while you are trying to meditate or Perform yoga; You can even put it on Your cubicle desk to center Yourself while at work.
  • Included with Your Purchase: One EnviraScape Silver Springs Relaxation Fountain; One set of natural river rocks; 3 leaf tiers; One power cord and adapter; One pump cover, water pump, and fountain base; One instruction manual.
Homedics Relaxation Indoor Tabletop Fountain (Silver Springs)

Outdoor Fountain Ideas

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