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Summer’s so close, we can taste it, see it, hear it… and, somewhat unfortunately, feel it.  The good news is, we live in an era of personal convenience, in which ice-cold air conditioning is never far away and many of us spend the season with a cold beverage permanently affixed to the palm of our dominant hand.  For those who want to spruce up our outdoor spaces in an homage to the art of keeping cool, today’s roundup of water features offers a range of ideas, from a personal backyard koi pond or two to a standalone fountain and a massive pool with multiple side spouts.  Water slide, anyone?  Last one in’s a rotten egg.

backyard koi pond
Backyard Koi Pond by Aqua Eden



small yard fountain
Front Yard Pond from HGTV



suburban waterfall feature
Front Yard Waterfall from HGTV



suburban koi pond
Koi Pond by Aqua Eden



illuminated pool
Lit Pool with Water Features from Paragon Pools



backyard pool waterfall
Mini-Waterfall from Pools By Ted Dixon



pondless waterfall
Pondless Waterfall from Earthworks Lawn & Landscape



water features
Tri-Stone Water Feature by JB Custom Remodeling



back porch water feature
Water Feature from Mesa Garden Studio



backyard water slide
Water Slide from Kris Svelling Custom Designs


Koi ponds found at Aqua Eden.