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Today’s roundup of clean and classic round dining tables brings a chic sense of simplicity to the act of eating dinner. Somehow, inhaling Chinese food straight from the takeout container seems a little less silly when perched at an urbane, apartment-friendly table as opposed to, say, a mahogany monstrosity meant to seat a party of eight.

In an era in which takeout is king and rarely does anyone sit down to an old-fashioned, home-prepared meal, dining room sets are quick to become dust collectors or de-facto storage units where we toss our coats, bags and daily essentials as soon as we walk in the door in the evening.

They’re space-savers, too; although they only seat four comfortably, for those of us who don’t often host large dinner parties,  they’re a comfy (yet not inelegant) spot to enjoy the daily special from the deli around the corner… or even the results of the occasional kitchen adventure after a rare moment of culinary boldness.  So, what’s for dinner?

The Brownstone Casablanca Round Dining Table by Matthew Izzo


round dining room tables


round dinner tables


round glass dining table


bold round dining table


modern round dining table


round glass dining table


Victoria Table found at Advanced Interior Designs.