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From the illustrious house of Porro, Italy comes the stylish Synapsis table, designed by the master artist Jean Marie Massaud, epitomizing, Porro’s commitment to high-quality, futuristic construction.Synapsis is a unique console that features very distinct legs that you can choose from chrome plated or alternatively structured in white and black rod iron, with an irregular lattice like pattern casting a very aesthetic impression.


Synapsis Table

modern and sleek table


The gorgeous legs of the Italian dining console by Porro are well complimented by the thin, oval shaped table top that appears to be cut at the ends. Available in three variable sizes of w. 102.36 x d. 35.4 – 47.24 x h. 28.8 in, w. 118.11 x d. 35.4 – 47.24 x h. 28.8 in and w. 137.8 x d. 35.4 – 47.24 x h. 28.8 in, the Synapsis table offers an array of different shapes and sizes to choose from, it could feel comfortable in a small home or in a expansive office meeting room.


contemporary conference console


The variety of colors and finishes available also supply the buyer with a colossal number of options to choose from, ranging from bright lacquers in all the spectral colors to white or black high resistant mat lacquer, Pral ®, `carbone’ oak, black stained hemlock and eucalyptus. The round version of this furniture piece proffers the options of glossy lacquered colors, Pral ® and eucalyptus finishes. Porro’s dining furniture is an elegant, revolutionary design, noteworthy for its crisp look, indigenous design and ability to adapt to smaller and large spaces alike. The fact that it is completely transparent, ensures maximum visibility in your room and will become the eye-catching centerpiece of your home.