This dining table from Caspirini is made with curves that look effortless and inviting. Marcello Ziliani designed the chic and contemporary look by using the versatile abilities of fiberglass to create a frame that defies gravity.  The result is an airy and weightless table named the Atatlas dining table that resembles a wisp of smoke twisting its way through open air.


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Atatlas Dining Table

contemporary table design


The Atatalas dining table by Caspirini frees up visual space in a kitchen or dining room for a bright, cheerful style with a casual elegance.  The fiberglass base is lacquered in a high-gloss white or black finish, while the circular tabletop is formed from a thick slab of clear tempered glass.  At the center of the tabletop, the glass features a smaller circle detail in a white or satin finish.


Marcello Zilliani contemporary table design

Casprini A 126


The sweeping twist formed by the base is perfectly balanced for hosting a large family gathering or a quiet breakfast for one, offering generous seating for up to six.  Designer Marcello Ziliani created a set of dining chairs out of fiberglass that match the lighthearted and contemporary sweep of the table to complete the chic look.  The simple, clean styling has the adaptable power to fit into any design scheme, from a casual breakfast nook to a formal dining space, just by accessorizing the sleek lines to suit your style.  The Atatlas dining is ready to become a part of your practical design.  How will you dress this table up or down to make the Atatlas functional and beautiful?