Are you looking for a functional sideboard that does not compromise on style? Why not get the Superego storage unit by Acerbis? The sensationally futuristic sideboard features smooth and sleek surfaces which remain unbroken by unnecessary details. Designed by Marco Acerbis, it flaunts the logic of the minimal. The high sideboard is characterized by a soft, rounded shape. It is enclosed by two side shells which come in stainless steel or lacquer.


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Sleek Sideboard: Superego Storage Unit by Acerbis


The Superego cabinet by Acerbis interior is lit up by a lighting system hidden in the side shells and controlled by an automatic switch. The lighting gives the cabinet a warmer, softer aspect and makes it easier for you to find things in the dark. The cabinet’s doors open alternatively overlapping each other through a swing arm with controlled return technique. The sideboard has 2 trays you can extract when you want to place or remove something.


 functional storage sideboard


If you want an uncluttered house, storage is crucial. The Superego storage unit by Acerbis will help you to store away items when they are not needed. Whenever you need an item, all you have to do is gently touch the unit and it will open up with an unexpected ‘slow-motion’ effect. This spectacular detail makes the storage unit an outstanding furniture piece worth having in any home. This storage unit is a triumph of functionality and form.  Get it for your home and surprise your visitors with its style, gorgeousness, and perfection.


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