Rough Table by Norr11
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Gone are the days when dining tables were only stylish if they were high-gloss and high maintenance. Urban rustic trends which make use of natural materials are now very popular. Rustic designs have a matte, unadulterated finish that is appealing to the eye. They not only create a warm, comforting aura, they also add a gorgeous accent to both interior and exterior spaces. The Rough Table is a perfect illustration of the transitional nature of wooden décor and its ability to merge well into modern settings.


Adding Elegance to Spaces


Evidently inspired by a Scandinavian vibe, this table is characterized by the subdued colors of blonde and light brown. Designed with a no-fuss, no-frills look, it gives you the opportunity to host friends and enjoy family meals without worrying about staining or breaking furniture. Particularly eye-catching is its thick and extensive slab tabletop that adds to its solidity and makes a great style statement. Its grainy, rough, and distressed look enhances its texture and visual allure. Chunky stumps are used as legs to bring out the natural and authentic accents espoused by the Rough Table by Norr11.


Rough Table by Norr11


Wooden pieces such as this one will completely transform your dining experience by creating an informal, casual social space for the entire family.  Like other contemporary wooden furniture pieces, the Rough Table is not just for the home with a rustic theme, it perfectly complements modern and even ultramodern interiors. Its simplicity, solidity and smoothness will infuse rare sophistication to your space.

Would this natural wood table best complement your interior dining space or the expansive exteriors?