Air humidifiers are a necessity more than a luxury in this dust infested world we are dwelling in. While I am not denying their usefulness, its their less than inspiring form factor that stops me from buying it. However the beautiful Mast Humidifier may just temp me to take the plunge since its an ideal amalgamation of form and function. Designed by Shin Okada and crafted by Masuya Koubou, the humidifier doesn’t require electricity and is made from thinly sliced pure Hinoki aka Japanese Cypress wood. Known for being rot resistant and emitting unique lemony scent, the wood absorbs the water which is placed in the bottom of the bowl and diffuses it into the air sans any electricity or noise! Told you its perfect. The Mast Humidifier can be ordered from Gizmine for $119.99.

Mast Humidifier
Wooden Mast Humidifier