Designer Hanging Lighting Ideas for the Kitchen

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Your spacious, sleek kitchen will never be complete without the right kind of designer hanging lighting. Whether it’s a piece hanging over the sink or some chic spotlights illuminating the entire room, it’s essential that you add some light fixtures into this important space in your home.  Many people I work with have older homes that were built in between 1960-1980.  These homes in particular have a scarify of hanging lighting that it makes it hard to see what you are doing in the kitchen.  In almost any remodel or even a new home purchase families are looking to have a bright space in the kitchen.   Let’s take a look at some real-life ideas and gather some inspiration as you remodel, re-do or just redecorate your kitchen!


Designer Hanging Lighting Ideas for the Kitchen

Aren’t they gorgeous? These designer hanging lighting balls are the perfect, artistic compliment to this homey, yet contemporary space. We are loving how it not only gives great light to the countertops but also acts as a focal art piece for the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Light Fixtures

This bright and refreshing kitchen has a bit of an industrial and studio type appeal with its two sets of lights. The stainless steel look plays along with a contemporary flavor but also makes for a more functional necessity. The combination of hanging and ceiling lights help to create interest as well.

Modern Kitchen design

A more traditional kitchen but still the slick, sophisticated appeal you’d want in a contemporary, fashion-forward home. Notice the unique light fixtures that outline the L-shaped island. Pretty, right? Cone shaped and clear as to bring enough interest and style without becoming too harsh or overbearing.

contemporary dining area

A bit edgier and dark, this masculine-infused kitchen is still so inviting. And the ombre lighting only adds to the ensemble and pushes the eye upward. They also reflect well with the windows, inviting the natural light in as well and brightening up the deeper colored walls.

contemporary lighting ideas

For more of a feminine detail, add some chandeliers with romantic vibes. These black, ruffled pieces have enough contemporary punch to fit in with the clean-edged space but they also create a soft, touchable essence around the entire room. The lighting is also going to be a bit softer, with is perfect for whiter and brighter kitchens!

all photos via Houzz

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