Bring true beauty to your bedroom and enhance your interiors with the Skip bed by ALF. Made with materials of strict Italian origins, this piece will create a sanctuary in your bedroom. Your bed is the most important feature in your bedroom and must be comfortable as well as stylish. The design incorporates both comfort and style and makes your space look neat and organized. It has an integrated bedside table that offers storage for the things you need ensuring you don’t get up in the middle of the night. Thanks to the bedside table, you won’t have to look for something else to compete with the bed’s exceptional look.


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Refreshed Bedroom Perspective: Skip Bed by ALF

wood panel headboard


The Skip bed by ALF has completely balanced coated and wood panels that create a unique play of asymmetry giving visual merit to the headboard. Choose a colorful panel and give your bedroom wall a bold shot of color that makes the space feel rich and sophisticated. Or choose a wood panel when going for a rustic, industrial look.


 revamp your bedroom

Skip Bed by ALF


This bed will help you feel spectacular when you wake up! It’s snug enough to snuggle up tight yet large enough to stretch out in.If you are stumped on how to revamp your guest or master bedroom, this bed offers a perfect solution. With its rich color, modern shape, and striking details, sleepless nights will be a thing of the past. It is crafted for lasting beauty and structural integrity.


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