Ovvo Sofa by Belta
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When used in interior decoration, organic furniture pieces can bring out enchanting natural elements, a breezy aura, and a touch of whimsy. Their flowing appearance can drastically transform a space by adding softness, rounded lines, vibrancy, and color. The Ovvo Sofa by Belta is a mishmash of both compact and organic shapes. It is a futuristic piece that will be the centre of attraction in any living space.


The Magnificent Ovvo Sofa by Belta

contemporary lime sofa


What makes the Ovvo Sofa by Belta particularly eye-catching is its lack of a fastidious structure. Its fluid movement and soft lines lend it well to contemporary, family-friendly spaces.  The use of special, recycled foam of varying densities adds a relevant element of compactness which enhances the sofa’s functionality without compromising its deliberate and inherent agility. Ovvo’s flat base and waterproof upholstery make it ideal for a variety of spaces. It is indeed an illustration of the elegance that lies in simple designs.


contemporary armchairs by Spanish company Belta

purple sofa and pouf


The modular nature of this seat allows for unlimited styles and arrangements depending on the dimensions of any living area. Each modular piece is a seat on its own but can be joined to another to form a stunningly comfortable chaise longue. The endlessly flowing lines that meticulously ebb into each other only add to the sofa’s gentle compactness. Ovvo’s bold monochrome colors will add a discernible vibrancy to any living space. They will brighten up your interiors in an instant.

How would you use the Ovvo sofa in your interiors? As a sectional or as disjointed, individual pieces?