Indoor Hanging Chairs

Rattan and Egg Style Indoor Hanging Chairs

Why Choose a Hanging Indoor or Swing Chair

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If you’re looking to add some uniqueness and extra pizzazz throughout the house and do not understand how, look no further than with an eclectic and surprising indoor hanging chair.

These detailed beauties can do just as much transformative flair as any other accent piece but with a lot more fun and personality intact. Whether it’s to add a bit of “you” into your home office or spruce up the living room with a more welcoming and family-friendly vibe, we’ve got the inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

Let’s take a peek at 10 cool and modern indoor hanging chairs ideas and designs that will make you smile, give the kids a place to plop and brighten up any of your favorite rooms.

Indoor and Outdoor hammock chairs are experiencing a terrific boom in popularity and for good reason! They’re comfortable, affordable, adaptable, stylish, and fun. You’re thinking about buying one, but you have some concerns.

Hammock chairs are smaller than full sized hammocks, but offer the same relaxation and fun. Plus, they allow you greater versatility in how you use them. Depending on which one you choose, you can sit up straight, lounge back, curl up to lie down, or even all three!

Hammock or hanging chairs offer greater stability since they hang from just one point, which also makes them much easier to get into and out of. Most of them have an additional framework around the hammock that gives further security and ease of use. You never have to worry about rolling out of them, or of getting rolled up in them, since they maintain their chair-like shape.

Hammocks or hanging chairs are versatile in other ways, too. Since they have only one attachment point, there are many more places you can hang them than traditional hammocks. One well rooted tree with a sturdy branch is all you need in the backyard, or a solid concrete ceiling to hang indoors.

You can also hang them from any other fixed, secure spot decks, porches, or anywhere else you can to enjoy lazing around in the great outdoors. Since they are lighter and smaller than traditional hammocks, they’re easier for one person to set up, as well.

Indoor hanging chairs are perfect for homes with limited space, especially apartments and studios. You could even hang one out on your apartment balcony! And since they come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials, you can choose hammock chairs that will fit right in with your interior decor.

They’re easy to set up and take down, so “rearranging the furniture” becomes a much easier task! Also, while most hammock chairs are designed for one person, larger hammocks with heavier weight limits could accommodate two people.

Hammock chairs can also be used with a variety of accessories, such as optional hanging foot rests, pillows, or hanging drinks holders. There are even stands available so you don’t have to hang or mount them at all, just set up the stand, attach the hammock chair, and you’re all set to relax the day away!

A Selection of Hanging Rattans

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Stunning White Indoor Hanging Chair

The cotton rope hammock chair will not lose the cotton thread, it has the comfort of a soft sponge, you can sit or lie down, anytime, anywhere can easily move, allowing you to enjoy the comfort and relax in style.

Made of soft polyester and cotton, no smells and difficult to tear. The sturdy wooden bar can maintain the balance of the hanging chair, therefore it is a good place for children, adults and pets to rest

This hammock chair has a side pocket which is ideal for mobile phones, books, iPads and drinks, very convenient, to provide you with a good reading space


 Hammock Indoor Hanging Chair Max 320 Lbs

Indoors: Pave Stone Indoor Rock Seating Collection by Enzo Beri

Christopher Knight Cool Hanging Chair

This Christopher Knight Home hanging basket Swing Chair adds a fun lounge vibe to your Outdoor space. Constructed with durable black-brown faux wicker and a sturdy iron frame, it’s easy to care for and built to last. The custom fitted Beige polyester seat cushions are made of a tough, yet soft, weatherproof fabric which are removable and washable.

Created with you in mind with a comfortable tear-drop hanging chair shape with wicker and iron for a sleek modern look. The mid-century modern egg chair looks great with other yard and patio sets, accessories, and decor. This unique swinging chair is the perfect addition to any space outside, like a backyard patio, deck, in a sunroom or garden, or near a pool, or outdoor Bar

Japanese Zen Rattan Indoor Chair

Rattan and Egg Style Indoor Hanging Chairs
A stunning-looking design Japanese Zen black Rattan Indoor Hanging Chair

Hanging Indoor Egg Chair

Hang this one straight from the ceiling for a floating and bigger “wow” effect. It’s a more organic and neutral look, which fits in with this space, but we also see this design highlighting a brighter room with a lot of color. Not only can it tone done the more overwhelming interior design but it can add an extra element of style.

Black and brown neutrals cover this chair so it’s bendable and easy to mix and match within several rooms and color schemes, but its unique texture and cultural tone create an eclectic ethos and a Zen-like feel. This piece would be perfect for a casual living room or even inside a large breakfast nook or covered patio.

Featuring an impressive basket shape, this chair encapsulates you in its cozy structure, giving you maximum comfort to lounge about. This comes with an 8-foot suspension chain for hanging purposes.

This basket should be installed no more than 20-inches above the ground with a minimum of 4 to 5 feet away from the walls. You should also maintain a minimum clearance of 30-inches from any obstacles.

Featuring a long-lasting woven finish, this style is not only incredibly durable but also provides a versatile appearance. The handcrafted details of this material allow this piece to blend seamlessly with your outdoor or indoor decor.

The plush, tufted cushions are covered with a non-porous material that makes cleaning any spill a breeze. Please note that these cushions are water-resistant and not waterproof. Please do not submerge in water.

PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION REQUIRED: Please note that this product does NOT include a hanging stand or mounting hardware. This hanging chair is NOT a TOY. Do NOT swing on or in the chair. This could cause the product to tip over resulting in possible injury. This is not intended for use by children 12 years of age or younger.

This basket chair is 35.00” W x 22.25” D x 45.50” H. You will love how much your space can transform with the simple addition of this charming chair.

Christopher Knight Home 313355 Sidney Outdoor/Indoor Wicker Hanging Chair with 8 Foot Chain (NO Stand), Brown and Tan

Rattan and Egg Style Indoor Hanging Chairs

This one is quite the work of art. Chunky and artistic in design, it’s got a more masculine and comfortable look. We love the addition of the plush cushion sitting inside, making it the perfect choice for creating a reading nook or corner made for a bit of R&R only. You may even want to paint the unfinished wood!

Rattan and Egg Style Indoor Hanging Chairs

Rattan Hanging Chair with Frame

This Outdoor Egg Chair with 304 Stainless Steel Hook and Hardware Accessories + 4 Point Support, Thickened Cushion + Headrest, Which Giving you with a Safe and Comfortable Experience.

This Hanging Chair with Stand All-in-one Seat, Back and Arm cushion also features Zippers to Easily Remove the Inner Cushions for Cleaning; Stand is Made of Powder-Coated+Electrophoretic Paint Steel. It is Sturdy & Safe for you to Sit in, and it will be a Great Addition to Your Indoor or Outdoor Furniture.

This Swing Chair Makes a Wonderful Addition to the Patio, Deck, Garden, Yard, Backyard, Porch, Bedroom, Living room and Other Places around your Home.

  • This Basket Chair Stand frame is Simple to Fix Together with the Included Tools and Accessories; Everything You Need is in One Box, including the Chair, Headrest Pillow, Seat Cushion, Safety Strap and Stand; Safety Strap Helps Keep the Chair Safely in Place While Getting in and Out of the Chair; It Provides a Relaxing Seat for Single Person.
  • Overall Size 43”x43”x77”,Seating Size 31”L x 23.6”W x 41”H,Easy and quick installation: The installation Can be Completed in Three Minutes for a Single Person,1 Year Warranty Guaranteed.

Swing Egg Chair with Stand Indoor Outdoor Wicker Rattan Patio Basket Hanging Chair with UV Resistant Cushions Aluminum Frame 350lbs Capaticy for Bedroom Balcony Patio (Brown)

Family Style Hanging Rattan Chairs

Check out these Asian-inspired beauties! Although they look like they’re fit in with an outdoor scheme with ease, you can have these pieces hanging in the home too. In the kids’ playroom or inside the covered patio, these will act as luxurious comfy spots. Throw some colored pillows and printed blankets for a bit of easy pop and pizzazz.

Dedon Handcrafted Furniture

Indoor Hanging Loveseat and Chair Combination

This is more like a hanging loveseat as it’s definitely built for two to enjoy – or you can just lay down, lounge and use as your personal reading nook. Again, this has a bulkier and more masculine feel, and you get to add a plush cushion inside for extra comfort. We like the idea that you could also paint the foundation to your liking!

Indoor Hanging Chaise Lounge Design

A hanging chaise lounge …. well, that’s a genius idea. It’s modern, fresh and the patterned cushion can only add more life and theme to your personal style vision. We love this piece for a spacious master bedroom or light and bright living room that needs a bit more room to rest and relax. Just make sure there aren’t too many distractions around as it could make any nook feel a bit too cluttered.

indoor hanging chaise lounge design

Beautiful Rattan Style Hanging Chair

We are swooning over this entire space for its subtly and subdued nature. Creamy, camel foundation highlights the beauty of this simple design. There’s definitely a zen nature surrounding this room, and it only adds to the Asian, organic sensation.

Indoor Hanging Chairs

Ovis Designer Hanging Chair

One of the unique designs of the list, we are loving this simple and delicately designed style. Although it may not one you can take a nap in, it can definitely bring a rustic and western vibe into any room. This is one we see accenting a master bedroom or a home office with a simple and minimalistic theme.

Ovis Designer Hanging Chair

Birdcage Style Metal Hanging Chair

If this isn’t a “wow” accent piece, I don’t know what is. With its birdcage style and whimsical essence, you could really transform your bedroom or living room. There’s an artistic, eclectic and purely fairy-tale vision created when you use a chair that has such a unique and beautiful design, this being one of those. And it could definitely be used as more than an accent piece and more like a focal point.

Indoor Hanging Chairs

Seashell Style Hanging Chair

With a seashell shape and a very architectural finish, this piece is quite the showstopper, don’t you think? This piece could fit into a more modern or artistically styled space with ease and simplicity. We suggest adding some throw pillows and blankets to the mix to make it a more approachable and welcoming space.

Indoor Hanging Chairs

The Leaf Hanging Swing Chair from Studio Stirling

The Leaf hanging swing chair is sculptural and dynamic, fluid and organic. Nature inspires the pattern detail and is reminiscent of organic leaf shapes with its veins flowing out from the center. It is simple and striking in its visual appeal.

Indoor Hanging Chairs
Are you looking for a change in your furnishing styles? Why not add a hanging chair! This seat will compliment the look of any living area along with offering a comfortable relaxation spot for the entire family. Hanging chairs and swing chairs are becoming more and more popular.

The Leaf design can boost the interior decor of any room or outdoor living space. Because of its classic shape and materials used, this is an item that looks beautiful regardless of the setting and background. This unique versatility is one reason behind its success.

contemporary swing chair design
The swing designer, Joanina Pastoll, intended this piece to be comfortable and cozy. Using the Leaf is like being in a state of complete freedom from the chains of worries that seem to confine us as we go about our daily lives. Products that truly can send you back to childhood and experience allover again those care-free days.

white metal swing for adults
These pieces differ from conventional swing seats. Aside from the smooth and soft cushions that absorb our everyday stresses, they also provide a carefree and soothing movement that puts our souls and body at a peaceful and relaxed state.

Leaf hanging swing chair is handmade from steel, strong and durable. Working by hand allows each piece to have a distinctiveness and individuality in some pattern detailing because of the difference of craftsmanship. Every piece is ideal for inside or outside use. It looks beautiful on a deck, patio, hanging from a branch of a tree or on a porch.

outdoor hanging swing chair by Studio Stirling

Leaf Hanging Swing Chair from Studio Stirling

Dedon‘s Canopy for SwingUs, The Ultimate Hanging Sofa

The Swingrest, two seats, Canopy for SwingUs is the ultimate hanging sofa. While it shares half of its name and much of its design and structure with the Nestrest, the Swingrest collection aims to be in a different category. Perfect for suspending outdoors or even indoors, Canopy for SwingUs comes in two different fiber colors: Chalk and Natural.

Canopy for SwingUs ultimate hanging sofa
The new Swingrest collection product, is truly the personification of the Dedon philosophy of living. Now available for lovers to swing together in cozy comfort, the SwingUs hanging sofa is the extension of SwingMe, Dedon’s design for singles, but manages to introduce a longer and more sofa-shaped design in the collection.

The design offers a very exclusive way of outdoor relax in a private atmosphere. The love-seat can be covered and will give the feeling of an intimate room. This furniture gives a whole new meaning to the philosophy of outdoor living!

The two-seater is available as pendant version that can be hanged in a tree or under a porch or for the most conservative, it comes as a standing model on aluminum legs.

daniel pouzet hanging furniture ideas

Made especially from outdoor acrylic fabric, the hanging sofa has also a mold-resistant, soil-resistant and water-resistant finishing with Teflon. Conceived as an addition of the iconic Swingrest collection, this unique hanging lounge system is the creation of acclaimed French-Romanian designer Daniel Pouzet for Dedon.

Daniel Pouzet is a designer that has taken advantage of his many professional experiences throughout the world by constantly developing his architectural projects towards new creative fields. Daniel’s designs for Dedon became quickly recognized as outdoor furniture icons.

Named by the critics the world’s first floating outdoor living room, the collection of hanging chairs, sofas and beds is so playful and inviting it could have come only from Dedon.

Stunning Double White Swing Canopy

Find comfort with a saucer style hammock bed featuring a circular frame and support pillow. Complements any setting for cozy resting spot. Great for indoor use, patio, and more. Rest under the sunset, relax poolside, or lounge on the deck. Nestle into cozy “cocoon” while reading. Listen to the sound of rain, crickets, bird chirping, or quiet night of stargazing

  • SUPPORT PILLOW INCLUDED — Matching pillow adds comfort to your favorite spot in the shade — Pillow can be used to support your neck, feet, and more — Pillow measures approximately 39” long — Approx 4” thick
  • EASY TO HANG — Tripod stand compatible — Sets-up in minutes — Easy to hang from any sturdy overhang that can support your weight —Instructions and hardware screws INCLUDED — Lightweight and easy to carry
  • DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS — Made of heavy duty 100% cotton fabric — Sturdy circular steel frame — 264 pound weight capacity — Package Includes: hanging swing, support pillow, hardware screws, and instructions —This is NOT waterproof or fade resistant — Protect swing from outdoor elements — Hand wash — Entire Unit Measures approximately 56″ D x 46.25“ H — (Approx.75” thick)

Sorbus Hanging Swing Nest with Pillow, Double Hammock Daybed Saucer Style Lounger Swing, 264 Pound Capacity, for Indoor/Outdoor Use (Swing Nest - White)

Vasillios Hanging Chair with Stand

A swing chair with a difference – a modern, round hanging chair with an aluminium frame wrapped in beige-grey plastic mesh. You will receive two matching sand-coloured cushions as well as the frame on which the chair is suspended.
The large seat cushion is provided with zips that are removable and washable. The suspension is height-adjustable via the link chain so that you can get the most of the comfort that this swing chair provides.
  • Self-assembly with assembly instructions
  • The frame of the woven basket made of aluminium
  • Frame made of powder-coated iron

Modern Indoor Hanging Chair

Hanging Rattan Chair

Inspired by a Scandinavian design from the 60s, the sculptural frame is hand made of bent rattan with a scooped seat that cradles you as you float. The chair hangs by a heavy-duty loop and rope, so it’s super sturdy. Add a pillow in one of our signature fabrics for a pop of color and cushion. Stunning hanging rattan chair.

Modway EEI-739-MOC-SET Encase Wicker Rattan Outdoor Patio Porch Lounge Egg, Swing Chair with Stand, Mocha

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