Pave Stone Indoor Rock Seating Collection

This is simply one of the coolest seating concepts we have seen here from Kreoo of Italy. The PAVE STONE rock seating collection is quite possibly the true definition of organic in not only style but actual materials.

The seating and accent table system combines the overlaying of two natural materials, a base comprised of marble and a top made from bleached or ages Larch wood.

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There is not a better combination of materials if you are looking for timeless and lasting appeal and often wood gets better with age as it develops its own patina and character over time.


furniture that looks like stones

Kreoo of Italy specializes in some incredibly unusual designs of luxurious marble furniture for living, sinks for bathroom and some visually forward marble tiles for both wall and floor to compliment just about any interior.

So speaking of the interior, these rock-like seats are made for indoors but I would be extremely tempted to take or drag as the case may be, these babies out to the pool area for some backyard exterior decorating. If not the chair, maybe the table.

I can see these being used as casual seating around a coffee table but definitely not as a long term lounge chair.


seating made of wood and marble

The combination of colors present in the marble and woods are stunning to say the least and we really love the smooth tops that feature such a visible grain that shows off the authentic beauty of the wood.

I guess one great thing about marble is its unique coloration and variation that makes each piece a one of a kind and designer Enzo Berti had a great vision to give the marble new life ironically as a stone. The collection is available in three sizes – 50, 60 and 80 cm sizes all 36cm high.

See the rest of the outstanding stuff here.

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