Since the original design swept over Europe and the United States in 1959, designers Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel’s Hanging Egg Chair has become an instantly recognizable form with a retro sense of appeal.  Its inviting comfort, cozy embrace, and completely innovative design — with a bucket seat suspended from above by a separate base instead of traditionally mounted on four legs — revolutionized how people reclined and relaxed.  Over the past half a century, the Hanging Egg Chair has been produced in all manner of materials, colors, and sizes, but today it is rarely seen in its iconic 1960’s woven rattan texture.


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Hanging Egg Chair by Sika

Hanging rattan chair


Fortunately, one company realized that even though rattan furniture was temporarily on the decline, rattan was a sustainable and ecologically- responsible furniture material that should be used as an alternative to more harmful products.  Now, thanks to Sika Designs, who has been producing rattan furniture since 1942, the Hanging Egg Chair by Sika is back in the spotlight in its original form.  As eco-friendly design trends continue to matter to the 21st-century decorator, the Hanging Egg Chair is becoming a force in the world of interior design once a again with a renewed energy and excitement as part of the environmentally friendly movement.

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iconic design hanging chair

distinctive rattan chair


With the long-term vision of a company like Sika Design, who produced eco-friendly and sustainable furniture before it was a popular method, the Hanging Egg Chair is a powerful symbol of the past and present.  Are you ready to experience sustainable comfort that surpasses trends?