12 Bathroom Vanity Top Ideas and Pictures

Bathroom Vanity Top Ideas 2019

Beautiful Bathroom Vanity Designs defines the look of the bathroom and is a versatile furnishing system available in a variety of styles, materials, and price ranges. These can be customized very easily based on each person’s need and the existing decor of the house.

If your bathroom remained unchanged for years, then its time to consider an upgrade. And if you have a vanity top already installed, then you can simply start with changing that one. You might realize that by simply switching out the tops may be all your bathroom needed.

Similar to counter tops, when it comes to the materials used for bathroom vanity tops, granite is probably the most popular material but there are many more materials including concrete, Corian, stone, glass, ceramic tiles, wood, marble, and even fiberglass or carbon fiber.

This allows the owner to choose what best fits his interior, from classic to contemporary but at the same time will offer the option to choose from more eccentric shapes that couldn’t be obtained using classic materials.

No matter what type of materials one will choose, he should remember that this is a furnishing piece that needs to be durable for years to come, easy to maintain but at the same time have a great aesthetic design.

With that in mind, the second most important thing is the pricing. Unlike the type of products where you can select a cheaper option for doing the same thing, in these cases, selecting the cheapest version will most likely end up costing you a lot more in time because a cheaper version means lower quality materials and less resistance in time.

concrete sink top
If in the past people didn’t pay the same attention to the vanity top as to the other objects of the bathroom, such as sinks and bathtubs, nowadays they starting to realize that this represents an important bond between the decor of the walls and the items found in it.

copper vanity top

designer bathroom sets

vanity tops with sink

luxury bathroom vanity

luxury green marble top


modern bathroom design ideas

rustic stone vanities

simple and interesting double sink design

wooden sink with drawers