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A dream home can consist of many elements in various rooms, but when it comes to bathroom designs there are certain aspects of the decor that can really make your room spectacular.  Clean lines, spacious rooms, and a unique touch are all aspects that make the beautiful designs below stunning.  Take a look at these 6 examples that many can only dream of adding to their home.

Moen Level and ISO Collections

This collection by Moen is sleek and sophisticated.  It features a modern industrial look with the use of metal and geometric lines.  The his and her sinks are a great touch to an already solid interior design.  This could easily be a standout feature in a hotel or cutting edge home.

Bathroom Designs - Moen BathroomFelicity Collection

The Felictiy Collection by Moen is another design that makes use of bold geometric lines.  The textures in this bathroom are wonderful and everything from the wall to the bathroom are made to incorporate modern meets outdoors.  The look of stone sheets gives this bathroom a very desirable and unique look.

Moen Felicity BathAll White Bathroom Design

This traditional all white bathroom by kellydesigns of CT is a dream.  The single use of white adds to the overall look of cleanliness that one admires.  It also features a his and her sink with storage in a center compartment.  This design looks lovely as is or if you are wanting to change things up for the seasons, you can always add a color scheme to the room.

All White BathroomEclectic Bathroom Design

This off-the-wall design by FW Interiors is a breath of fresh air.  It feature several unique elements from the light fixtures, to the 3D designs coming out of the wall, to the white sheep in the room.  This room could really be a work of art and something interesting for your guests to look at and ponder.  Either way, this design is chic and unique.

Eclectic BathroomMoorish Sink

This painted porcelain sink is absolutely stunning.  The beautiful and detailed blue design with earthy accents paired with a marble counter top is just perfect.  Your guests will be envious of your beautiful bathroom sink that transports them to another time and place.

Moorish SinkParisian Inspired

Any Parisian inspired Bathroom Designs are sure to be extravagant and elegant.  This Parisian inspired bathroom is no exception with elements that make you feel like you’ve just stepped into one of Paris’ luxurious hotels.  Everything from the medicine cabinet, to the neatly rolled pink towels, to the to-die-for tub, and hint of a French chair peeking out of the vignette, makes this a perfect example of a bathroom many would love in their homes.

Parisian Inspired furniture