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The amazing thing about traditional “Ofuro” tubs is that, somehow, you start to relax simply by looking at them; just take a glance through today’s roundup of gorgeous Japanese tubs and see if you don’t agree.  This style of tub has been used throughout Japan for centuries to steep away ailments both physical and spiritual, promoting better blood circulation, easing muscle aches and clearing the mind of stress.  Interestingly, although we have the Orient to thank for the practice of hot water immersion as a stress reliever, the primary difference between a traditional Japanese soak and your Friday evening bubble bath is the fact that soap damages the wood of Ofur0 tubs and therefore isn’t used at all.  Today, though, modernized Ofuro-inspired tubs made of metal, porcelain and other materials (some with therapeutic jets, filtration systems and gas or electric heating components) give us the freedom to take away the pain with whatever bath oils, gels and potions we please.  But for a truly old-school relaxation experience, just slip into one of these retro-modern masterpieces and let the water do its work.

wooden ofuro tub
Traditional Japanese Tub by Mattheo Thun


blonde wood soaking tub
Japanese Soaking Tub by Rapsel


metal japanese soaking tub
Modern Japanese Bathtub by Diamond Spas


basic wood japanese tub
Japanese Ofuro Tub by RH Tubs


Elements found at Rapsel.