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A great accent to a room is wall surfaces and perhaps none is more important than kitchen backsplash designs that can make a statement about your home and flair for decorating.  These ten examples show a plethora of styles and makeups that incorporate materials such as metal, glass, marble and stone pebbles.  One thing that caught my eye is how these interact with the cabinets.  In most of the examples there is a contrast of color to make each part stand out more.  There are two more muted examples where those trendsetters wanted to have a more subtle approach in the look and feel of the room.  It’s nice that your own creativity can come out. As long as the colors work well together, there are many ways to pair different materials to match the wood.  Hopefully, there are some great ideas to be taken form this story and elaborated in your own decorative way.

backsplash design using metal

white marble kitchen backsplash

tiny tile kitchen backsplash

white kitchen design


glass tile backsplash design

small wall tiles in kitchen

green kitchen backsplash

colored stone back splash

pebbled kitchen wall

modern kitchen mixed design

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