Some things in life — a perfectly-tailored suit, a little black dress, a fine glass of wine — are eternally in vogue with no worries of falling out of fashion.  A simple circular coffee table happens to be one of those objects; the least complicated of all geometric shapes, with no corners to bruise shins or extrude beyond the space to which they should be confined, it’s an unobtrusive curve that serves its purpose without a fuss.  These knee-high surfaces are perfect and perfunctory; they hold our coffee, keys, remote, phone, and whatever else we need to unload while we recline, and they do so without detracting from the rest of a room’s decor.  Easy peasy, and ever in vogue.  Without further ado, we give you today’s roundup: 10 classic round coffee tables.


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Classic coffee tables are usually rectangular in shape, but what about an accent piece that has a shape that we are not particularly used to? For extra pop, pizzazz and contemporary style, round designs could be exactly what you need in your living room or home office. Let’s have a look at some beautiful ideas, designs and photos of round coffee tables that are not only modern and fashion conscious but functional too! We love pieces that can serve as more decorative additions and usable accessories so grab some ideas from this quick list of designs that we inspire us.


A round, black shining top with a metal base this slender piece will fit inside a variety of living rooms. From modern visions to eclectic combinations, this functional and versatile idea can blend within both kinds of style direction. All it needs are the right home accents set atop for contrast and a completely finished look.


Here’s a super fun and creative example perfect for a space with a young spirit and fashion-forward energy swirling about. We love the levels and how much fun it would be to accessorize and even keep remote controls and reading material inside the middle space! It’s an organizational piece with great presence!


There are two levels to this crisp, white beauty. The glass tabletop is perfect for hosting and keeping a chic finish to your living room and the section below is great for keeping things organized like your books, magazines and remote controls. You could also use that section for displaying piece you don’t want touched all the time.


This silver bullet is a definite standout piece. Reminiscent of the “bean” in Chicago. The mirrored surface adds fun light and energy to the living room and it would add a lot of fun to more traditional of settings. Of course, this idea would also fit inside ultra chic and modern areas as well.


Here another two tiered furnishing that is crisp and clean. The black center adds a nice contrast and timeless appeal, and this too can be put inside slightly traditional or contemporary living rooms.


As we have said before about glass pieces, this idea may not be the most family friendly, as glass designs can be a bit more dangerous if children are in the house, but it sure is a beauty as we can see from this photo! Sectioned off for different types of organization and display, it’s one of the most versatile of the bunch!


This interesting model looks like it was made from a pouf with and topped with a metal tray. An innovative design, this piece sets inside an eclectic, trendy or even slightly futuristic styled living space or even home office. Leave it bare and let it stand alone or top it with funky vases or fresh florals.


Again, this may not be the best choice is you have children in the house but this chic, low to the ground design is quite posh. We love this idea for a large, spacious home office as styling it and adding your own, personal touch to it would be easy with its simple finish but also a lot of fun!


Here’s a piece that can literally blend and fit inside a variety of style themes from traditional to contemporary, from feminine to masculine, this round, silver suggestion can do it all. We also love its neutrality as it will also blend with a variety of colors ranging from powder blues to bright pinks!


This is a smaller, crisper version of its predecessor. Of course, it has all the benefits of the one above besides it’s smaller size, but it’s the better choice is you want a smoother and even crisper overall appeal. Again, it’ll fit in so many variety of themes and colors!


There’s depth to this shiny, black model and we’re in love with its futuristic energy. This is a great piece if you’re looking for something to create a bright and bold focal piece inside your home. No matter what’s around this table, it’s going to stand out and make a statement.