basketball themed room
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There’s just something so fun about putting together a theme for a kid’s room, isn’t there?  Particularly when there’s something your kiddo is incredibly passionate about or has a strong affinity for, be it a color, a style or a diversion like reading, dancing or sports, there’s a bonding opportunity that happens when the time comes to transition from a “little kid” room to a “big kid” themed room.  Watching a child provide input on how they’d like their personal space to present itself is one of the first moments in which they’re truly able to express themselves in a visual way, second only to perhaps the moment when they start choosing their own outfits for the day.  For the young sports enthusiast, Brookstone has the perfect chair for a basketball themed room, or one devoted to football or baseball too, for that matter.  This easy chair and ottoman set comes in two sizes — the smaller chair ($138) spans 26 inches in length, 25 inches in width and 20 inches in height, while the larger one is 33 inches long, 34 inches high and 26.5 inches wide.  Whether or not it fosters actual athletic ability is doubtful, but then again, like the old adage says: it’s not about whether you win or lose… it’s how you play the game.


Perfect Furniture for Your Kids' Basketball Themed Room


baseball themed room


football themed room


Photo credits: Brookstone