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Aquarium Design For Living Rooms

Aquarium Design For Living Rooms I was recently looking for home designs using aquariums on various interior design sites for ideas on a project. There were many examples that showed just a freestanding unit on a countertop as opposed to…
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Aquarium Fish Tanks

5 Unique Aquarium Tanks from Opulent Items

An aquarium is a unique item, especially for home décor. Many aquariums in a home can be simple or grandiose, but have you ever thought about incorporating an aquarium into your home design? The dual functionality of the aesthetics of…
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50 Wall Aquarium Design Pictures

Wall Aquarium Design And Ideas There is nothing more relaxing than sitting and looking into a beautiful home aquarium, it has a way of taking you away from where you are to a nice tropical place. These impressive built-in wall…
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fish condo

The Fish Condo from Umbra

The Fish Condo Back in the day, a fishbowl was a fishbowl.  At some point in perhaps the 1960s, it became fashionable to have a fish tank, and with the largesse of the 1970s and 80s, it was tres en…
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