Some time reading in bed can be a challenge depending on the angle of your backrest. Many  models have angles closer to 90 degrees than they are 45 degrees. The result is that your back can be quite upright when sitting up. As an avid reader I like a fine balance in resting my back. The angle of the Sienna is designed for those that like to sit up and read or even watch TV. One look and you can see that the angle is more reclined than most bed models. There is also a curve at the top of the backrest where it goes back a few more inches. The purpose of this is to provide a place to rest your arm should you want to put that up on the backrest as well. Sienna was designed by Naoto Fukasaw for B&B Italia.

B&B Italia Bed
Bed Backrest for Avid Readers
Sienna Bed BeB Italia

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