It is amazing how fast toys can be scattered all over a children’s room in a matter of minutes. The “pick-up time” is often slower than the “pull-out time”. A big question from parents is how to best organize and store toys. The Elfa storage solution for toys is money well spent. I have used other Elfa products with great success and have been pleased with their durability, ease of use, and appearance. In this package there are different size totes, see through totes, mesh totes, and other forms in which to store the toys. This is a great feature of Elfa where you can design what works best for your kid’s room and fits the space accordingly. Also, you can easily change out parts later if you decide that you need more of one tote than another. The kit featured here retails for $330, but as mentioned before you may choose to customize the different parts of the system.

Elfa Childrens Toy Storage.jpg

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