Few moments in life are as sublime as the ones when, after a long day/week/month of work, we pull a perfectly-designed barstool up to the counter and take our first sip of a hard-won beverage.  It’s a moment that’s been replicated over and over again, every evening in every city in every country around the world for generations now, and with the stresses of the world showing no signs of slowing, it’s a moment that will continue to replicate itself in the lives of many.  So today, we’ve given a nod to yesteryear — namely, about the first third of the 20th century — and are paying homage to its classic, sturdy aesthetic in today’s roundup of ten retro-modern barstools.  All simple and unfettered in their quest for unyielding support, these stools have given respite to many a trouble, and probably will for decades to come.  So line ’em up, joe… we’ll have another.

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