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Tacchini Furniture Designs

Retro-Futuristic Design: The Moon Chair by Tacchini

Is your home in need of a stylish furniture piece? Why not get the Moon Chair by Tacchini? It is built using ultramodern technology and boasts a highly distinctive design.

The retro-futuristic design makes it the perfect addition to your modern setting. It has a swiveling shell that allows you to multitask while seated. It offers a comfortable seating experience any time of day.

It perfectly fits your body contours and provides maximum comfort. The accent seat comes in a range of colors to suit different tastes and preferences.

The Moon Chair is designed by Pietro Arosio for Tacchini. The designer paid a lot of attention to detail when designing this piece of furniture. He frequently collaborates with manufacturing engineers to research and generate new materials and technologies.

This time around, he has utilized a special process to join the frame of the chair to the seat. Tacchini’s furniture upholstery is attached to its seat and is part of the frame.

The furniture is made from compact polyurethane and has a shiny polyurethane paint finish. It has a stainless steel base that makes it strong and durable.

The graceful curves of the Moon Chair by Tacchini will grab everyone’s attention. The chair provides comfortable seating and does not take up a lot of visual space. It is designed for pleasure and will fit seamlessly with your décor.

When looking for an elegant, stylish seating solution your family will love, look no further than the Moon accent seats. Where do you think the Tacchini’s seating solution will look most striking?

moon chair by Tacchinni

Tacchinni furniture design

designer accent furniture

Cool Italian Furnishings by Tacchini Furniture

Tacchini Furniture is situated in the heart of Italian design between Milan and Como. A sample of furnishings from the company show their vision toward “desirable and functional” furnishings that are attractive in public and private spaces. Some of the designers for their portfolio include: Pietro Arosio, Roberto Grossi, Pearson Lloyd and Christophe Pillet.

Tacchini of Italy Home Furnishings

Polar Sofa by Tacchini: A Gorgeous Fashion Monument

Designer Pearson Lloyd didn’t try to mask his inspiration for the Polar sofa from Tacchini.  The smooth, organic forms immediately evoke the natural shapes of floating ice formations in the polar ice caps.

The modular units are based on a long, bench-style seat, and can be linked to create a sectional or left as a stand-alone sofa with room for two or three.  The backrest, formed from another organic block balanced on the bench seat cushion, adds height, comfort, and a further enhances the abstract, natural shape of the Polar sofa.

Polar Sofa by Tacchini

Curvy sofa

The variety of pieces, all based on the same style but featuring variations on C-curves, scalloped edges, and straight lines, add to the seemingly random form of the Polar collection, especially when used in a grouping to fill a large open space.

Even when the Polar sofa (or complimentary armchairs) aren’t upholstered in icy white, their organic lines still conjure images of the elements found in Mother Nature.

interior design ideas

Their softness harmonizes with the contemporary minimalism, creating a sofa that is both modern and inviting.  Its unique styling is sure to become a central aspect of your living room, setting the tone for a clean and subtle design.

To finish the look, scatter round, low profile side tables that blend with the sweeping lines of the Polar sofa by Tacchini.  This is one group with a monumental presence that you don’t want to miss.  What do you love the most about this naturally stylish collection?

Galleria Sofa Bench by Tacchini

The very newest design from Pearson Lloyd is as fresh and innovative as you expect from the most contemporary European trends.  Up-to-the-minute style is more flexible and interactive than ever with the Galleria from Tacchini.

The modular bench-style seating system affords you with options for configuration that range from basic row seating to conversational sectionals.  The foundational element, the bench, grounds the collection in style and craftsmanship, with an attention to detail that can’t be missed.

Button-tufted seats, crisp trim stitching, and sleek tailoring ensure that every inch of the Galleria sofa bench is high quality, durable, and simply elegant.

The bench foundation is the best solution for non-traditional shapes that are not possible with normal sectional sofas.  The Galleria offers the best of contemporary design with all the high-quality details you expect from Tacchini.

Add cutting edge design and flexibility to your home or office with a sofa bench that accommodates any lifestyle.  After all, don’t you deserve a seating area that fits your unique personality and lifestyle?

Galleria Sofa Bench by Tacchini

Galleria Sofa Bench by Tacchini

Pearson Lloyd’s sophisticated attention detail doesn’t preclude the most cutting-edge techniques in design concept.  The Gallery sofa bench by Tacchini, crafted from thick natural wood planks supported by thick columns, has a restored industrial look finished by marbled weights on the end of the bench.

Each counterweight functions as an element of visual balance as well as a convenient work surface or integrated end table.  Low-profile cushions enhance the seating area, along with optional round backrest bolsters and table inserts that help create an interactive place for socializing.

The modular pieces can be readjusted to suit large or small environments.

designer bench

lime bench design

Pickup Chaise Lounge by Tacchini

Ultramodern chaise lounge ideas are often distinguished by their shape which draws inspiration from other fields of study like architecture and art.

This great example refines conventional notions about ‘feminine’ chaises and ‘masculine’ recliners by combining both elements into one futuristic piece that defies stereotypes and gender roles.

Designer Pietro Arosio created the nearly invisible lines of the Pickup chaise from Tacchini.  The stunning example of contemporary minimalism in design is neither an overstuffed masculine recliner nor a plush and feminine chaise lounge.  In some ways it makes me think of a super thin massage table when looking at the layout of the room.

Pickup Chaise Lounge by Tacchini

Contemporary chaise lounge

The Pickup chaise lounge by Tacchini is an edgy, sharp, and versatile piece that can adapt to any room in the house while offering ergonomic comfort and support.  Don’t miss Arosio’s visionary addition to modern design.

Atop sleek chrome runners, the reclining lounge perches so lightly it seems to hover off its frame.  In its fully-reclined position, the slim pewter cushion forms the classic ‘zero-gravity’ position that best supports the user’s legs, hips, back, and shoulders for total comfort and no stress points.

With a simple movement, the Pickup chaise locks into more upright positions in increments to match your desired position for reading, watching television, or just relaxing.

chaise design ideas

Its low-profile silhouette carries an understated elegance perfect for any place in the house, from an office or study to a living room or bedroom.   The gender-neutral styling adds a sophisticated edge as well as an innovative way to challenge the traditional molds for recliners and chaise lounges.

How will you recline in the Pickup chaise lounge?