Contemporary floor mirrors are so much more useful when they are full-length and leaning at the slightest angle, elongating the rest of us and giving us a comprehensive glimpse at how we look.  Today’s roundup of cool and contemporary floor mirrors sticks to the basics, with a few variations on the central theme of clean lines and urbane simplicity.  Since the entire object of looking into a mirror is to catch the reflection it gives, fussy details are superfluous; knowing that, these designers keep it clean and modern with unfettered shapes and crystal clear glass. Stare as long as you’d like — these bold, heavy pieces aren’t going anywhere.

6 Cool and Contemporary Floor Mirrors

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Above is a great affordable example that can be found at a popular chain. The red trim really sets this idea off making it more artistic and likely to draw the eye of visitors to your house.

silver curved floor mirror


infinity mirror


simple full length mirror


The Modern Nelly Floor Mirror from ESF's Dupen Collection

This above quilted example is quite pretty.  It’s interesting how it matches the chaise lounge as if it belongs just in that room.

The Atom Floor Mirror by Nikko

The Atom Floor Mirror can be found at Nikko Shops.