Modern Home Office Desks 12 Decorative Ideas and Pictures

Do you need a new desk for your personal work space at home? It’s rather hard to be productive without an area to keep all of the list of things “to do” in order. Or are you trying to grab some inspiration for the total revamp of your apartment furniture? Pictures setting the scene for interior design possibilities always help with envisioning your next project. Whatever the case our most recent article, Modern Home Office Desks – 12 Decorative Ideas and Pictures, is sure to inspire you to create something magical and see twelve different possibilities for chaining the look of this room in your living space.

contemporary wall mounted desk

When space is sparse, having an option that just utilizes the wall will always be beneficial. When you pair that with traditional vibes and sleek style, you have the room to work without bulking up your small nook, cranny or studio corner with too much of a chaotic look.

cool desks

Glass top surfaces may not be the most popular but they are one of the most chic of choices. Although the upkeep is a bit different than other materials, as you have to make sure to keep the smudges as bay, this idea creates a very professional yet approachable feel to a home office space.

executive home office desk

One of the most fashion-forward and modern of the bunch, this futuristic styled design is the perfect pick for your home office because of its unique personality and ease of styling – making it possible for you to continue to give it your own personal spin. We also love how big it actually is, more room for organizing and for working!

glass and metal home desk

Again, if space is limited, you obviously are going to need to find a smaller solution. And this corner styled piece is the perfect option! It’s big enough to fit your laptop and chic enough to blend in with the rest of your chic, poshly-made home. You can also add a bit more funk with your chair choice!

laptop computer desks

Create a a focal point with the right kind of decorative design. This large and bulky piece need spacious room to reside in, but its architectural and artistic nature is a beautiful way to infuse a creative spirit and powerful presence into your personal work space.

modern student desk

For a more youthful, eclectic vibe, this vintage modern idea is the pick. The mixed material design, it’s modern but funky shape and of course, how it’s styled in the photo, all point to how perfect this piece is for retro-lovers and hipster inspirations. It’s great for a dorm room or apartment!

small home office desk

In this picture, the white and wood colors provide enough contrast to keep it interesting but it’s also more traditional and simple in design. A piece that fits inside almost any situation or style theme, this solution has great storage value and tabletop space for different levels of work.

small office desk

A refreshing suggestion with modern lines, this is a more no-fuss, “grown up” version of some of the newer and more trending styles. We love it’s folding, easel like nature as well, making it a more casual version of the more stuffy and traditional styled products.

small wall mounted desk

Like the first one we gushed about on the list, this wall mounted option is perfect when you don’t have much space to spare but desperately need to create some personal work space. This idea can be installed almost anywhere in a house and is a great solution for apartments and lofts.

small white desks

Here’s another great option that won’t take up too much space but still has a very clean, simple, functional but modern and stylish take. This is perfect when you need something neutral to blend and style with ease. White is always a great option when you’re stumped on color choices.

wall mounted desks

Similar to the one directly above, this mounted example has a bit of a delicate yet functional design. There are drawers and pockets to organize and a big enough desk top to have everything you need for work everyday. You may even have some room to stylize a bit, especially with its matching piece to mount atop.

walnut desk

The most traditional of the bunch, this product will fit into any style theme you choose. It’s just all in how you accent and style it. More modern touches will make this piece look more contemporary and more homey touched will have this design feeling more traditional and warm.