Backyard Patio and Deck Ideas and Styles

Decorating your outdoor space can seem like a difficult task, but it’s really only as tough as you make it. Starting by considering what you want to get out of the space is the first step to understanding what you should put into it.

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For example, are you looking to decorate a large space that will accommodate lots of people, or are you downsizing to a smaller and cozier space? 

Whatever your purpose, these design tips work great on their own or by incorporating elements from each to make the space that’s right for you.

Classic Pergola

Adding a pergola covered in vines to your backyard space is a great way to provide shade to a stone patio or wood deck!

The overhead latticework and wooden beams let in patterned sunlight that makes a wonderful shady spot to spend time outdoors.

You can also add some tall standing plants or hang some plants from the structure to add some more greenery to your setup!

Screened-in Porch

Enclosing your outdoor space from the elements and bugs is a great way to make it even more enjoyable!

Of course, the amount of work required will depend on whether or not your space is already covered.

If it is, whether by a roof or a second-story deck, all you’ll need to do is set up screen frames with posts and put up a screen! 

If you are working underneath a second-story deck, be sure to take all the necessary precautions to ensure your space is secure and weatherproof.

Check out this guide from Trex Protect to learn more about butyl tape and how it can add years to your deck’s lifetime!

Outdoor Living Room

Another fantastic way to make your deck or porch more comfortable is by designing it like an indoor space!

Decorating the space works best when the area you’re working with is covered but not screened either.

Lots of stores have outdoor furniture that is weather-resistant and looks great outside. If you have a pool, this is the perfect project for next summer to create a lovely space to relax poolside!

Or, if you live in a temperate region, this can be a great way to get more relaxation out of your backyard!

Outdoor Dining Room

Take that idea a step further with a dining room that’s outdoors! With an outdoor dining table and some chairs, make your patio into a beautiful space to enjoy the view of the sunset while eating with family and friends.

Consider adding a light fixture above your table for an ambient scene, or go with tabletop candles that give dinner a soft glow. Whatever you choose, it’ll be sure to make you wonder why we ever ate indoors!

Front Porch Seating

If you have an outdoor space that’s a front porch or wraparound deck, why not make it into a welcoming seating arrangement?

A front patio is a great spot to spend time enjoying your neighborhood or sitting with friends over some appetizers.

You can find some great chairs or an outdoor couch along with pots for plants and small tables to make this the perfect combination of comfort and style.

Second-Story Perch

If you’ve got a deck built onto your second story, take advantage of the elevation by adding more livable space to your home!

A coffee table with some seating choices makes for the best spot to enjoy mornings with coffee outdoors.

Then, make it into a “rooftop” lounge by adding a bar and some string lights along the railings for a great night with some friends!

You can also take the outdoor dining room idea to the second floor for dinners on those cool nights.

Using Color

A great staple of modern home design is the color pop. Using bright, clearly defined accent colors can make an otherwise dull space attractive or balance out some darker shades in your design.

Coordinating these colors with, for instance, pillows and a side table or potted plant can really put a nice twist on your outdoor space.

Lights Are Essential

With an outdoor space that extends beyond the boundaries of the home, you’ll want to think ahead and prepare for the dark with some tasteful lighting choices.

Nowadays, there is an abundance of options for lighting, so be sure to check out the varieties before you decide.

String lights can be great when wrapped along railings, a pergola or gazebo, or even the side of your house!

You can also use lanterns as a decorative option that gets the job done well. There are also great options for hanging lights that can help cover large spaces! 

Make it a Garden

If you’re working with a ground-level backyard deck or patio, why not bring the nature of your backyard into the fold?

Lining the perimeter with box planters can be a great way to bridge the gap between home and yard in a pleasing way!

Or, bring the foliage of your yard right up to the edge where it meets your patio. Try different compositions that draw the eye to the amazing work the nature in your backyard is doing!