Few things in life are as sublime as slowly sipping on a favorite beverage, watching the sun set on a warm summer evening while slowly swinging back and forth on a wraparound porch.  Even for those of us without the last element of that lovely little illustration, there are options that still allow us to enjoy the simple pleasure of a porch swing, sans porch.  That’s why we’ve rounded up ten perfect porch swings to inspire you no matter where you live; many models are self-hanging and simply require a patch of grass, while other alternatives, like the sky chair, can even be hung from an interior ceiling.  Any way you slice it, a little suspension can yield a lot of stress reduction; the next time someone asks you what you’re doing over the weekend, you can simply say, “Oh, just hanging out” and mean it.

perfect porch swings
Sleep Swing by Willis Custom Craft


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perfect porch swing
Bay Ridge Porch Swing from PorchSwings dot com



backyard swings
Custom Wood Swing by Country Custom Furnishings



backyard swing
DC America 4-ft Lion Metal Porch Swing



porch swings
Great American Woodies Red Cedar Classic Porch Swing



porch swing
Hamilton Mahogany Porch Swing



hanging lounge chair
Ivory Lounger by Air Chair USA



white porch swing
White Daybed Swing from Porch Swings Plus



porch glider
Wooden Porch Glider by Willies Woodworks



classic porch swing
Wooden Slat Porch Swing from Creations by Todd



Several elements in today’s series found at PorchSwings.com.