In case you’re looking for a pool table for your game room we have the right thing for you, a modern billiard table that looks familiar yet is totally redesigned. The modern billiard table in the images below is made by Toulet, renown pool table makers, and you’ll notice it keeps the regular, and very popular, overall shape you’ve gotten used too but everything else is changed. This billiard concept is made from steel and resin alone as no wood is used for this particular design and it comes with an iPod/iPhone dock ready to play your favorite music while you play your favorite game. This billiard table can be broken down into sections and delivered anywhere in the world as it will be available for sale from Toulet in the very near future.

Modern Billiard Table 1.jpg
Modern Billiard Table 2.jpg
Modern Billiard Table 3.jpg

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Modern Billiard Table 4.jpg