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Whether used to prop up the feet, as a coffee table, or as extra seating for guests, the contemporary ottoman is astoundingly versatile. It is an easy yet spectacular way to add charm, sophistication, and an air of homeliness to an otherwise muted room. The Jodi Ottoman is an eye-catching piece comprising a classic ottoman and an attached table, the Roxi Round End Table. This unique combination of classic design and sleek modern elements espoused by the table is an illustration of superb craftsmanship and functionality.


Jodi Ottoman by Della Robbia

Jodi Ottoman by Della Robbia


If you’ve ever desired to sit and cross your legs atop a cushy ottoman while sipping coffee or working on your laptop, you will love the ingenious practicality of the Jodi Ottoman by Della Robbia. Designed in varying shapes including triangles and soft circles, it not only serves as a seating solution; it adds a timely element of utility. Its attached table makes it easy for you to work while comfortably seated. The Roxi Round End Table has a sleek, no-fuss construction and is made from natural oak wood. It flaunts rich, woody accents that will enhance the comfort factor of any room.


ottoman and table by Della-Robbia


The soft, flowing lines of the ottoman add gentle accents to interiors pacifying any sharp contrasts. The choice of placid upholstery colors will add a timeless gracefulness and brighten up any room. Combining traditional materials with modern ones, Jodi Ottoman boasts an inventive design that showcases the careful merging of contemporary aspirations and classical concepts.

Which room in your home could use the functionality and comfort offered by this ottoman?