Double Bathroom Sinks – 15 Stylish Ideas and Pictures

Double Bathroom Sinks

Sometimes his and her sinks are an essential part of the home and ideas that you don’t think of when first walking through a potential space to purchase or rent. Waking up in the morning and getting ready for the day, it’s easier when you’ve got your own space to do it in.

The routine goes faster, everything stays tidier and no one loses their essentials. And you don’t have to have a massive master bath to have the option. We’ve compiled pictures and details of 15 double bathroom sinks in all different styles and room sizes for inspiration and idea creation. Let’s have a look!

cool double sink vanity

These above counter basins are magic in this contemporary space. Found atop a slab of naturally-toned wood, the faucets stand on the wall in front, creating a beautiful illusion and very modern look. And with the small footprint of these designs of, you truly don’t need the biggest bathroom to make it happen.

couture bathroom designs

And here we have another example of vessel models with a softer, more feminine design. This space has a womanly touch but a World Market inspired spirit too. The intricate cabinet and romantic lighting highlight this sink space with unique beauty and surprising flavors.

decorating with red

Wall hanging vanities may be exactly what you need. These two create a gorgeous illusion and create a bit of modern magic. And this lavatory is sleek, masculine and full of ultra-contemporary charm. We love the two-tone nature of these cabinets and washing basins as well, which highlight the darker tones around the room.

designer bathrooms

Rectangular designs are usually more modern than traditional round examples. The countertops in this room also have a unique and sleek shape that set off the contrasting white porcelain, and it all mixes well within the confines of this inviting yet incredibly fashion-forward master floor plan.

double bathroom sinks

Have you ever seen an idea like this one? A faucet and bowl all in one. This innovative, modern design has a youthful spirit and a funky surprise factor all rolled into one and we’re head-over-heels in love with it! And notice the beautifully detailed countertop, gold and rich, it’s a gorgeous personal touch.

industrial vanity designs

This is a whole different level of vessel idea and innovation. If you’re looking to truly make a scene and pump up your house style, then look into creating something especially unique to you and your family. Just look at this double sink creation there’s a beautiful contrast between the wooden pieces and charcoal tiles that blend well with the futuristic design.

island bathroom decor

There’s a delicate and very zen style surrounding this countertop with stunning wooden basins. We’re used to glass or porcelain sinks but these wooden beauties are unique and refreshing at the same time, perfect for creating a relaxing and stylish place to spend time in throughout your morning and nighttime routines.

modern bathroom vanity

These examples are embedded in the counter, which is what we’re most familiar with. This entire space is more traditionally modern with his and her mirrors highlighting their respective spots and drawers marking areas for their personal essentials.

modern vanity designs

Similar to its predecessor, this style is a gorgeous mix of traditional comfort and modern flavors. The softer wood tones provide coziness and inviting spirit while the grey accents and silver accents smooth out its look with the wide, sleek double sinks taking up the entire countertop.

red bathroom decor

These pyramid-inspired ideas are glossy and ultra-chic in this more sophisticated and masculine lavatory. It looks to be like a glass bowl, making it has a shinier and even more futuristic style and it goes well with the darker tones and cranberry accents around the room.

small two sink vanity

Here’s another example of floating his and her faucets and porcelain! For fun and innovative look, try installing these inside your home. You don’t need an abundance of space to make it work either. Also, pay attention to the faucet shape and positioning, this too is a bit chicer and more modern than the traditional look we’re all used to.

super contemporary bathrooms

Posh and sophisticated with a very sexy style, this silver and shining floor plan is a stunner. And that includes two wash basins. This too is a differently styled vessel model as it combines that new and trendy design with the traditional, embedded bowls we’re all used to.

urban interior design

Use this outdoor design as inspiration for your own master bath! Sleek and white bowls that contrast well with darker tones and add a modern, yet subtle touch, we think these shapes would be a great addition to virtually any lavatory.

very modern bathrooms

We’ve got another Asian-inspired design for you. This is a unique choice and it too is another beautiful style of vessel sink, sitting atop the counter. There’s a relaxing nature around this design and we love all the space that both parties get with this option.

wide marble bathroom vanity

This is another similar design that we’ve seen higher on the list but it has been placed in a more traditionally styled space. Sleek wooden cabinets and drawers are hiding under a marble countertop and chic and larger basins.

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