Designer country kitchens by Alno can create the perfect place in your home if you enjoy cooking for your family or find relaxation from being a “stay at home chef”. Cooking meals in the home can be more economical, bring family together, and be a way to catch up on the lives of your loved ones in this busy day setting. Alno has a great line of country kitchens to match your decorative tastes for those of you that prefer country themed home décor. Founded in Germany in 1927, Alno is now the second largest designer kitchen manufacturer in the market. Dealers can be found in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France, Great Britain, U.S.A., Italy, Netherlands, and Spain.
Alno’s country kitchen line features all the bells and whistles found in designer kitchens including: islands, custom cabinets, wide color selection, personalized configuration, high tech appliances, stunning details, optimized storage solutions, and overall visual appeal. The roots of German engineering are evident when you look at the details of these pictures of kitchens. I like how little elements are worked in like the small wine storage areas that are visible, the openness feel of the overall design, and the amount of overall storage available to the home owner. In the Alno website if you go under “Kitchen World” and “Country” you will find these examples featured here.

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