12 Amazing Bathroom Vessel Sinks Ideas and Designs In 2021

Modern and Trendy Sink Designs

Coming in a variety of shapes, the most popular being that of a bowl, vessel sinks are chic, trendy and easily add interesting to one of the most dull and underrated spaces of the home: the bathroom.

Whether you go with his and her’s spots or pick out a beautiful, conversational piece for your half-bath or guest area, these bowl designs are a way to bring style and presence into more functional areas of a house.

Today Furniture Fashion compiled 12 amazing bathroom vessel sinks to create some fabulous ideas and designs of how a bathroom can be transformed by their style and elegance.

Short on time. Take a quick browse through our selection of different sinks below.

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Textural with an organic feel, these examples play well with Asian-themes and more subdued styles. Neutral tones and easy decor, create a relaxing space that has a no fuss feel without playing into anything too cold or ultra modern. These are darker pieces so they stand out in this particular design with a beautiful pop.

This amber-colored glass bowl is a sure-fire winner in terms of style and statement making. It’s a more contemporary piece but it also provides a cozy, homey feel because of it’s lighter, natural flavor. It has a sophisticated finish but it’s still approachable among the neutral colors and traditional decorative setting.

A gorgeous blue marble sink design has the ability to transform your master bath. Blending and mixing with everything from super contemporary to eclectic and youthful, not only does marble play well with others but blue tones tend to create relaxing ambiances and easy spirits, which makes it a perfect choice for a clean and crisp decorative plan.

Here’s an example of how to put a unique, modern spin on a lavatory with more of a traditional style. The focus isn’t on flash and bold choices, instead there’s a sweet, detailed finish to a cozy space in a family home. The subtle stripes to this piece add interest without going overboard or becoming too kitschy.

A personal favorite and standout from the entire list, this ultra smooth and modern above the counter example has pizzazz and chicness not normally found in the most spaces.

It’s larger and it’s rectangular shape is quite unique for this type of appliance. Of course, the white contrasting from a classic black foundation makes for a timeless, always in-style look as well.

Simple and understated, this white basin does more than you think to this dainty and sunlit room. There’s an airiness and femininity surrounding the entire space so the chic and smart addition of this funky vessel sink adds extra pop and personality in a slight and easy way.

Sharp and a bit masculine in overall look, this lavatory may be dark but it still has the punch you need when you’re creating an ultra modern vision. Although this space also combines a bit of old world flair. And of course, the feature of this photo is the clean-edged stone work, showing off its unique shape. A beautiful stone sink.

A stainless steel basin bowl can truly work wonders in a space that you have a futuristic idea for. The silvery tone compliments the mirrors and hardware used throughout the space. It’s also a smart way to update a darker neutral room, especially where brown is involved.

purple vessel sinks

There is also what we like to call “floating” water basins and they are as they seem. They simply float and are attached to the wall creating even more of a statement and even more space in your lavatory. This is a particularly great idea for smaller rooms as it helps to create a brighter and more open feel.

This rounded, triangular piece is a beautiful addition to this darker room. With a modern, masculine vision this idea pops right off the counter top providing a compliment to the contemporary look but also a small touch of delicate flavor that smooths out the sharpness and bold, deep tone of the entire space.

A chic design that’s a perfect way to add femininity and artistry to an unsuspecting place, this product is unique and subtle all at the same time. We especially love how the marble sink faucet stands above the piece, almost out of sight, allowing it to take center stage without any distractions surrounding it.

One of the most unique pieces we see on our list, this piece has a rustic meets modern style that we love for all homes. It’s a wonderful blend of trendy design genres and provides not only a textural contrast but a color contrast as well, giving the entire room even more interest and appeal.