It’s a dreidel.  It’s a top.  It’s kind of like a hula-hoop… except the exact opposite.  It’s that thing from Inception — a super giant version of it.  No, actually, it’s just a chair.  Designer Thomas  Heatherwick must have had one heck of an interesting dream the night before he came up with the sketches for this futuristic Rotating Chair.  In any event, “The Spun” undoubtedly provides hours of entertainment and probably a pretty solid core workout at that.  Crafted from organic, rotational-molded polyethylene, “The Spun” is weather-resistant and safe for indoor or outdoor use.  Although it would look right at home in, say, an advertising agency’s brainstorming room, we doubt it’ll be turning up in very many banks or lawyers’ offices; after all, it practically has “wheeeee!” written all over it.  Available in black or dark purple, “The Spun” is 36” in diameter, stands 26” tall and runs $712 apiece.  Its distributor, Plush Pad, charges for oversized shipping but splits the cost with you – a true display of proper playground etiquette.

"The Spun" Rotating Chair Dares You to Sit Still

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