Work desks determine how productive we are at work. The right desk not only adds style to your office, it also helps boost your productivity. If you work from home or have the freedom to choose your personal workspace, get the Tetris Desk by Lola Glamour. It has a sleek surface and just the right amount of style needed to brighten up your day. The design has two wooden legs on one side and three colorful drawers on the other side supported by four legs. Just like the pieces of a Tetris game, the drawers are tilted at different angles.


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Creative Office Idea: Tetris Desk by Lola Glamour


If you get easily distracted at work, the Tetris Desk by Lola Glamour will help you to stay focused. It’s cherry veneer structure and solid cherry legs make a gorgeous backdrop to the colorful decorative drawers. The piece has an Alazan finish and its doors and cabinets have a multicolored finish. The beautiful colors on the drawers will draw the eyes of everyone who walks into your office.


tetris desk design

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The drawers also provide an excellent way to store all your items neatly. They open at different angles giving your office a hint of fun and interest. Desk work can get dull as the hours seem to drag on endlessly. If you want to have a bright, productive day, get this stylish work furniture. Work tables have changed from what back they were a few years back. Since you have moved forward, it is time your desk caught up too.


Wouldn’t the Tetris desk make a great addition to your office?