These days a fete of designers are concentrating on revolutionizing outdoor and public seating. Peter Donders from Beligum is one such designer as his Bench & Stone Seating System is in step with this current design ethos. With the Bench & Stone, Donders balances bold exaggeration with organic techniques by twisting a single string of carbon fibre around a form that was later on removed. The bench’s exaggerated silhouette is far from the norm and has been aptly described as “calligraphy in 3D” by design connoisseurs. For the uninitiated, carbon fibre is an incredibly durable material and is also used to produce Formula One race car and even space crafts. Given the choice of material, it was more economical to produce Bench& Stone as a limited series. Available from Outdoorz Gallery, the seating measures 300cm x 40cm x 55cm, weighs around six kilos and is limited to 10 pieces.

Bench & Stone Seating System
Bench & Stone - Carbon Fibre