12 Space Saving Designs for Small Bathroom Layouts

Space Saving Small Bathroom Layouts

Not everyone has the luxury of a bathroom that spans almost an entire bedroom’s length. Instead, most of us have a smaller space whether it’s the guest’s or your own master bath.

If you are stuck for space, then designing a small bathroom layout should be one of your priorities. With that being said, the layout of your small bathroom is very important for functionality and design purposes. And for that reason, we’ve compiled a list of small bathroom layouts that are incredibly inspiring but all attainable when renovating and redecorating.

Let’s take a look!


exotic red bathroom interior ideas
Great looking small bathroom layout

This super modern space may not be cozy and comfortable but it sure is slick and stylish, don’t you think? Between the red hue and the silver compliment, you’ve got a unique and spacey place to shower in.

We love the stand-up shower design for a more contemporary look instead of a shower and tub combination that would give the room a more traditional feel.


small bathroom layout with tub and pedestal sink

Quaint and charming this design has a chic look but a comfortable first impression. The tub’s shape is unique, the shower addition creates versatility and the textured walls create interest.

We also love the plum color addition which is a great, outside-the-box choice, especially complimented by the bright whites.


modern small bathroom layout with shower

We are swooning over this small, but mighty, contemporary concept. It’s chic and sleek and absolutely everything you’d want in a bachelor’s posh apartment or first home.

Although the darker tone may make space feel smaller, the tile breaks up the haze creating a better look and style for anyone’s eyes.


modern space saving bathroom interior layout

This space is gorgeous. Clean and simple, with sharp lines and a strong, minimalist vision, this one is a great example of how to utilize a small space. Everything you need is right inside with a no-fuss attitude and two vertical mirrors adding the illusion of a bit more space and light – always a benefit in little areas.


Small Bathroom Design

Similar to its predecessor, this is another prime example of a small space with a gorgeous and clean palette. There’s a minimalist vision that’s blatant to the eye but there’s also a very chic and posh finish to every part of the room.

The black tile accent wall provides shine and extra pop for a surprising amount of style in a little space.


small bathroom design ideas with layout


What a view right? Take a peek at this layout from the ceiling’s angle, makes it even more apartment how genius and functional this layout is. Using every inch of the room without cluttering or creating chaos, a small space really can have it all with ease and a design-worthy presence.

small bathroom designs in contemporary style

This futuristic version is just so perfect and illuminating. You’ll feel refreshed walking in a space with everything right at your fingertips but also, everything smooth, clean and crisp.

We love its modern elements and small tiling, which makes the room look a bit larger and more interesting.


Small bathroom layouts

Here’s another ceiling view for you to enjoy. We love this angle as you can get the best vision possible, and this contemporary, cottage-style is too sweet not to share.

Bright white with a textural floor, there wouldn’t be a guest in the house against having to use this room during their stay over.


space saving bathroom design

Sometimes all you really need is a tub and this one is beautiful and fits right inside this small room. We are loving the lighting that creates a romantic and relaxing ambiance, and we also love the brick-style tiling that creates a rougher, surprising style in such a quaint space.

The absence of color also pushes forward a cleaner design.


space saving ideas for tiny bathrooms

One of the more traditional styles and layouts we have on our list, this design makes anyone feel right at home. The garden tub sits perfectly next to the window, adding natural lighting and the illusion of more space.

While the accent tiling creates more design without closing in on the room.


Space Saving Tiny Bathroom Layout

This is one small bathroom layout that truly utilizes every nook and cranny of the limited space. The countertop intertwines with the toilet in a modern, stylish but still very comfortable way. The white necessities act as a contrast and split to the two darker tones, while still feeling clean and never over-cluttered.


remodeled tiny bathroom design

This space saver mixes a variety of home styles we love, from traditional to modern to eclectic, we are loving this layout, the tile, and the mixed material feel throughout the entire space and we love the Plexiglas choice instead of shower curtain addition which helps to give the illusion of more space and movement in the room.