Colored leather couches can be one of two things: terribly tacky or cheerily chic.  Today’s roundup, luckily, encompasses nothing but the latter; regardless of the boldness of the hue, it all comes down to the tailoring of the leather itself, as well as the curves and lines that comprise the piece.  A bold departure from the browns, blacks and tans of natural skins, this curation spans the entire electromagnetic spectrum in an in-your-face array of fruit-flavored hues.  And it’s all about contrast: when placed against a background awash in neutrals without an abundance of primary shapes and pop art references, a brightly-colored couch can actually modernize a space and give it a pop of enthusiasm in an otherwise subdued environment.  No need for adornment in the form of distracting throw pillows, crazy area rugs or eye-catching wall art; these ten sofas each make quite the statement all on their own.

10 Colored Leather Couches

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red leather sofa


chartreuse couch

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blue leather sofa


gold leather sofa


orange leather sofa


pink leather sofa


purple leather sofa


colored leather couches


caramel colored couch