Finding Hidden Storage In Your Small Bathroom Layout

Need more space within your bathroom or just the feel of it being bigger?  Does it feel like whenever you step into your bathroom you can reach both ends without trying?

Then look no further because here are some ideas and tips to help you get the large satisfaction out of your small bathroom.  Small bathrooms can pose a challenge where with some you can adjust the perception to make it seem larger while others you would need a few renovations done.

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Look below and see how these tips can help you.

How To Find Hidden Storage in your Small Bathroom


Ensure your bathroom is using space efficiently

Determining the space you can work around the sink is vital in the usage of your bathroom.  To find out the specific needs that you have that you believe your sink should supply.

Such as if you need hidden storage space because you have a lot of toiletries and extras then shelves, drawers inside cabinets or even adding a cabinet underneath the sink would be best.

However, if you do not have a those needs but still want that unique look then set up a wall mounted sink or pedestal sink with some shelving below. Need more space around the toilet?

Consider changing out the size of the toilet to maximize floor space.  Some toilets can be switched out in sizes that will add more space or just remove the extras around your toilet like the trashcans, hampers, etc. that way more of the floor is shown which adds more to the floor-space.


Creating more area with the right bathtub/shower

Now for many tiny bathrooms, there is a bathtub shower combination or just a shower.  If you can, switch out the shower curtain for a glass door.

Adding in that glass will give the perception of the bathroom having more space and make the shower seem larger as well.  If the glass door is not in the budget then select a clear or lighter colored shower curtain.

Also if you have some high ceilings put the shower at a higher height to utilize that height for adding in more space.



Don’t skimp on good bathroom lighting

For any interior space, lighter colors will make room look larger and darker colors will make it seem smaller and intimate.  When you are deciding on the lighting within your bathroom you want to emulate the feel that natural light, with neutral and bright tones.

If you actually have natural light within your bathroom then that is a major plus but if not then the painting it with light and neutral tones will help.  Also change out the light bulbs to ones that give a warmer glow.

Your cozy bathrooms can be a challenge but can easily be rectified with these simple tips.  Luckily, there are ways to fix the issues that you may have within your small bathroom.

So take another look above and let these ideas inspire you.

If you put in the thought and effort you should be pleasantly surprised.