Gone are the days of harsh overhead lighting (remember the kitchen in your childhood home?) that made everyone underneath it look gaunt, sick and haunted.  As more and more homes and offices alike are retrofitted with modern light fixtures, a wildly inventive naturalist streak is becoming more widely available across the — forgive us — spectrum of chic hanging lights on the market.  While the  Comet lamp, pictured here, gives us an unbridled burst of illumination in every possible direction, the wide hanging pendant lamp from Abbey Dakari keeps things simple with its basic rectangular shape and straightforward stream of light.  Whichever one you favor, though, is sure to add a little extra sparkle to your space; from the understated to the in-your-face, these six lamps have style to spare.

A Whiter Shade of Pale: 6 Chic Hanging Lights

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moon pendant lights


Lotus Flower Hanging Lamps from Neiman Marcus


The Cara Lamp by Andreas Ostwald


Thunderball Pendant Lights from Richard Hutten


Wide Hanging Lamp from Abbey Dakari


Abbey Dakari lamp found at Lumens.