Who wouldn’t want a coffee table that comes with various moving parts? That way you could adjust its position and its height according to your current needs, not to mention making the most of the limited space you have to deal with. Schulte Design has not one but four such modern coffee tables, the Audium, the Scala, the Oregon and the Scala Quadrat. The first three come just with movable tabletops while the last one will also let you adjust its height. The four coffee tables are very similar when it comes to the general design idea. They all sit on a single leg, which allows the tabletop to move sideways according to your needs. That hard part now is choosing one of the four models available from Schulte Design to be your next coffee table.

Audium Coffee Table 1.jpg
Audium Coffee Table 2.jpg

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Scala Coffee Table 1.jpg
Scala Coffee Table 2.jpg
Oregon Coffee Table 1.jpg
Oregon Coffee Table 2.jpg
Scala Quadrat Coffee Table 1.jpg
Scala Quadrat Coffee Table 2.jpg