7 Design Ideas using White Holiday Mantels

The holidays are in full swing.  Your mantel will be the center of your home for family gatherings, parties, and Christmas Day.  It’s where you hang your stockings, show off your decorations, and warm up by the fire.  Why not try something different this year and get some modern mantel inspiration?  A white Christmas mantel can make your living room go from a kitschy Christmas overload to a simplified clean looking mantel while still retaining your Christmas cheer.  Who says Christmas has to be traditional?  There’s no better time to stand out with a holiday party than by showcasing your modern Christmas flair! These 7 design ideas using white holiday mantels examples of being in the holiday decorating spirit.

You can easily create an interesting holiday mantel by adding some objects you may have laying around your house. These household items could include ice skates, leather boots, throws, banners, twigs, ornaments, and so on.  Don’t be afraid to go quirky or think outside of the box this season.  The inspiration below features designers who even used DIY techniques themselves to have an even more unique holiday mantel.  There are ideas like homemade string décor, old wooden decorations painted white for a fresh new look, framed ornament art, an antler wall chandelier, and sweater stockings.  The holidays are a great time to sit down with your family and work on some of these craft projects or last minute handmade gifts.

Design Ideas using White Holiday Mantels

Mantel decorated for the holidays

white Christmas stockings over a fireplace

buck hanging over a fireplace mantel

holiday living room decorated in white

holiday living room white fireplace

7 Design Ideas using White Holiday Mantels

Another idea to consider is adding a mirror to your mantel, which can give the illusion of added space.  The last image on the list does not even have to use the color red or green, yet you know this is a Christmas mantel and a quirky one at that.  This image also features an alternative to a functioning fireplace, proving that it doesn’t have to be real for you to get your look across.  Not only is the white mantel a new take for updating your Christmas décor, but it can be a way for you to coordinate items on your mantel with other items in your room without looking too cluttered.

Don’t forget that whatever look you choose, be sure to remember that the holidays are about spending time with your friends and family and all the time spent decorating is a bonus!  Happy holidays everyone!


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